Thursday, May 21, 2009

Test Pilot Takes Flight

Toronto, Canada, May 21st, 2009: Test Pilot ( launches the first 3D CINEMATIC production company in Canada. Lead by Creative Director, Tony Cleave and Producer Alexis Victor, Test Pilot will provide agencies the ability to produce 3D animated test commercials for link testing and focus group surveys.

Test Pilot takes the agency script and creates tangible, 3D sequences that fly the creative team’s concept through the focus group session and into real live action production. Our virtual actors read the agency script as it was intended – with emotion. They achieve this because they are not flat 2D illustrations. Leveraging their expertise in 3D character animation and direction, Test Pilot’s virtual actors give their best performance on the first take.

We believe the test commercial market is under-served. Test Pilot aims to raise the production standard by providing a higher caliber of work. Our expertise in character animation and story telling allows us to effectively convey the agency script with 3D actors and environments says, Test Pilot’s Creative Director, Tony Cleave.

Test Pilot’s Producer, Alexis Victor further explains, “Our test commercials are revolutionary. Our actors are 3D living virtual characters. They express themselves with dialogue and body language. Our environments are immersive because they are 3D. There are no limitations in the virtual realm.”

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